O4 Policy Recommendations

Recommendation for the local and EU policy makers for actions to prevent hate crimes and to improve the sharing of the EU values and solidarity. From the productions of the previous intellectuals output (IO1-IO2-IO3), Partners will have a solid feedback from the different targets of the project to draft the recommendations for the policy makers.

This module will help to involve policy makers in consultation sessions with local institutions’ representatives to be held in each country. A close link will be made to the European Agenda.

The project should explore the best practices and strategies for fight the hate speech and contribute to an exchange of tools, procedures and experiences with the policy makers. The project will propose possible solutions and examine the benefit tools, methodologies and policies for ensuring one step up in a more inclusive Europe.

The project will encourage policy makers to make progress on the measures regarding hate crimes on a more social system. Their feedback will be crucial to make progress on the field.

This will be done through the production of clear policy recommendations to foster and promote effective prevention of hate crimes; the final document will be addressed to local institutions (including schools) and youth workers active in the field of social inclusion.

Those Recommendations will be drawn from the outcomes of IO1, IO2,and IO3 which will provide a clear evidence base for this Intellectual Output.

RAISE! Policy Recommendations will be innovative as they will be created from the perspective of both young people including young survivors of hate speech and sociologists/youth workers involved in the project, with the aim of filling the gap between policy and practice.

A number of key recommendations common to all participating countries will be identified and a final version will be spread and have application across EU partner member states through multiplier events, where Partners will engage directly with local authorities, schools, youth work organisations, associations dealing with hate speech crimes and social inclusion, etc. to get them to sign up to the principles outlined in the Recommendations.

Signing organisations will be awarded with RAISE! label as a symbol that they adopted Policy Recommendations and will deliver best practice in their work, fostering social inclusion and contributing to prevent hate crimes. The diffusion of RAISE!’s Policy Recommendations through local and international multiplier events, will have a clear multiplier effect, that is sustainable and durable.

Below you may find the different language versions of the IO4: