Thank you Sarah

Being part of a project such as Raise is above all to be part of a keen multicultural partnership that shares common values of tolerance, respect and benevolence. The topics of hate speech, discrimination and human rights are now very familiar to me thanks to  the activities that we could create and facilitate and all the productions that were developed until now (the manual, the toolkit, the collection of good practices, the consultation with young people…). 

Raise project taught me a lot of values and skills for life and introduced me to the world of international projects.  If there is one thing that I will remember from this experience, it’s that the success of the overall project is due to the diversity and strong unity of the partnership. What was the most inspiring was the good relations between the partners and their mutual understanding to make decisions.

Every meeting was a share of  positive energy and inspiring speeches that motivate each one of us to keep being creative and motivated to reach our goals. The spirit of the partnership reflects the spirit of the project : countering hate through spreading love, compassion and tolerance among human beings. If we think about it, it doesn’t take much to eliminate our stereotypes and our hate : surround yourself with the right people, learn more about others and your behaviour will change automatically.

 It was a  rich experience, an intense path on which I met amazing people and worked with devotion.       


An article from Sarah Harou – Support of the coordination of erasmus+ projects in ANI. 

“Thank you Sarah for your engagement with the project and with the team”

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